clean & porous

Medline’s proprietary Clean & PorousTM surface treatment combines the advantages of SLA and RBM and is free from their drawbacks.

Why clean & porous?

The Clean & PorousTM surface is Hydroxyapatite blasted, soft-etched & chemically modified, demonstrating high surface cleanliness and a well micro-structured two-levelled topography.

To create the Clean & PorousTM surface, we use biocompatible Hydroxyapatite as blasting media and soft chemical treatment for blasting media removal, with additional surface beneficiation stages.

As a result, we ensure high surface cleanliness with no risk of Alumina contamination or surface damage, and a highly-porous two-levelled micro-surface  SLA-like topography, with 10-30µ valleys, cratered with 1-3µ dips

Clean & PorousTM is one of the cleanest dental implant surfaces in the world, reaching an 18-20% Titanium content without any surface contaminants.1


Our CSTTM treatment process includes on-line SEM and XPS tests. Therefore, the  Clean & PorousTM process ensures stable implants’ surface quality from lot to lot.

In addition, the surface microstructure of Clean & PorousTM  implants is analyzed by an optical interferometer. The following roughness parameters were defined: Ra within 1.8-2.0, Surface ratio 1.4-1.6.

Roughness profilogram  for a Clean & PorousTM  implant

1 – when compared to data published by other manufacturers or from independent sources.