Pathfinder by ABraCadabra

A healing cover screw... and much more

No more

With the revolutionary Pathfinder™ healing cover screw, you’ll never be afraid of uncovering implants again!

Pathfinder™ by ABraCadabra is a wisely designed cover screw that will change forever the speed, safety, predictability and patient satisfaction during Stage 2 implant uncovering procedures.

6 easy stages:

Screw in before covering the implant
Suture and cut excess height with a bur
Before uncovering - inject anaesthetic through the tube.
Use the punch to cut the exact amount of soft tissue, in the right direction.
Remove the exact amount of excess tissue.
Unscrew the Pathfinders and restore the implants.

With Pathfinder™ you’ll never fear Stage 2 surgery again, and your patients will thank you for a speedy and painless procedure.

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